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About QuickString®, Inc.

QuickString®, Inc. was formed in January 2009 to organize and market the invention efforts that two inventors have been developing since 2000.

We are in the business of product design, development, and manufacturing of the QuickString® string anchors for musical instruments.  Our original goal had been to license these developed and tested solutions to interested manufacturing and marketing parties.  We have recently decided to sell QuickString® products direct, starting with the QuickString Anchor Bracket.

At the present time, we are focused on our QuickString® musical instrument string anchoring solutions.  Our current versions of these devices are covered by US Patents 7,394,005, 7,847,170, and 7,851,684, with Patents Pending in Canada.

We have taken our basic string fastening principle, and continually refined it.  We have at present developed eight versions of implementation for both permanent and temporary installation.

These solutions allow the use of a pinned guitar bridge without the use of bridge pins.  In essence, it turns a pinned bridge into a pinless bridge providing all of the benefits of both.  String installation is quicker and more reliable than it is when using bridge pins.  Our solutions eliminate the problem of worn, broken, and lost bridge pins, and essentially eliminate the problem of a worn and/or bridge pin holes.  The solutions may be used as both an OEM and an aftermarket product, as well as for bridge plate and/or bridge pin hole repair.

Although we have thoroughly tested these solutions ourselves, we have also worked with some local artists, luthiers and accessory manufacturers to refine our designs.  We also took the QuickString® v6 Anchor Tube Assembly to Winter NAMM 2009, and received invaluable feedback from approximately 40 manufacturers including several industry heavyweights.  The results of these conversations are the QuickString® v7 Anchor Tubes, and the QuickString® Universal Fit Anchor Bracket, which we took to the Winter NAMM 2010 show.

While QuickString isn't necessarily for everyone, we have received  positive feedback from a vast majority of the players who have tried it.  Many state that it improves the tone and tuning stability of their guitar, while retaining the original character.

Because the minimal instrument string contact of the QuickString® device with its ball end, the type of material used appears to have very little, if any, impact on the sound of the instrument in our audio testing.  In other words, the original sound of your instrument is maintained with our solutions.  However, QuickString® is continually researching and testing different natural and synthetic materials for any potential sonic or strength improvements.

We are still actively seeking licensees to produce and market the version(s) that they deem will be of benefit to their customers and profitable for themselves.  Please review our product documentation and pictures to see if one of our designs might be of interest and benefit to your customers.  We are happy to provide working samples for testing to parties with serious interest in using QuickString® with their instruments or accessories.

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