Musical Instrument String Anchor bridge pin replacement
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The benefits that the QuickString®  Anchor Bracket brings you:
- Bridge pin replacement retains the original character of instrument
- Increased tuning stability compared to bridge pins by reducing string slippage at the bridge
- Many players claim it improves the tone of their instrument
- No tools required to remove bridge pins for easier string changes
- No more bridge pins to lose
- No more popping bridge pins
- No more tight fitting bridge pins to pry out
- Change strings as easily as most electric guitars
- More comfortable palm muting
- Accommodates 2 1/16" to 2 1/4" string spacing on "straight" hole pattern bridges
- Weighs less than 7 grams
- Easily installed through soundhole to underside of bridge plate using available installation tool
- May be installed by player or luthier
 - May be used with bridge pins, if desired 
- Compatible with most under saddle pickups
- Compatible with most popular contact pickups
- Also works great for worn bridge plate repair

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